Driver distraction practice

Issue Date: 01 April 2023
Revision 10



Studies across North America and around the world clearly show a correlation between driver distractions, such as cell phone use, and unsafe vehicle operation. This Practice provides direction to HFG Global workers regarding driver distractions and is aligned with HFG Global overall approach to identification of hazards in the workplace and application of appropriate controls to reduce risk.

Appilcation and Scope

 This Practice applies to use of electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle and other driver distractions. HFG Global workers are prohibited from using any electronic devices that cause distraction while driving a Company vehicle or a personal/rental vehicle on Company business. Use of electronic devices while stopped and legally parked in a safe location is acceptable. Reaching a point of being stopped and legally parked must be undertaken in a safe manner in compliance with the rules of the road.

Responsibilites before you drive

 HFG Workers are expected to: allow plenty of travel time, review all maps and directions prior to driving, properly store and secure loose objects, pre-set climate control and radio prior to driving, pre-program route on GPS/navigation devices prior to driving.

 Responsibilites while driving

Responsibilities while driving a Company vehicle or personal vehicle on Company business are: • do not answer phone calls – allow phone calls to go to voicemail • do not use any electronic device while operating a motor vehicle (with the exception of hands free and two way radios where essential business-related communication is required) • do not text, surf the web or read emails • do not groom yourself while driving • do not smoke • stop at safe locations (rest stops or commuter lots) to make and receive calls • keep two hands on the steering wheel for better control• keep your eyes and mind on the road. 

laws, regulations & enforcement

Where driver distraction laws exist in a community, staff are required to meet whichever of the two is most stringent.   

HFG Global workers charged with traffic and/or other infractions as a result of use of electronic devices or otherwise distracted while driving will be responsible for paying any fines, penalties and/or associated costs. Infractions attributable to driver distraction will be addressed by the corporate executive. 

HFG Workers involved in a collision while on Company business or operating a Company vehicle will be subject to an incident investigation including, without limitation, confirmation of adherence to this Practice.  Disciplinary action will be taken for violations of this Practice, up to and including termination of employment.