Owner & Worker Safety Management

Our Solutions help keep your organization safe, on time and on budget using models for success in managing employees and contractors.

Today, workplace safety is a primary employer focus due to its far-reaching effects on worker well-being and productivity, as well as public opinion, and the direct and indirect costs of safety incidents

Whether your organization is in oil and gas, power utility, forestry, mining, the environment, infrastructure, chemicals, or other manufacturing industries, our processes can address your safety and management issues, formulate actionable plans, and help you achieve sustainable results.

Our value as impartial observers lies in our ability to offer business owners an outside perspective that does not compromise on safety or operational discipline. The process is a partnership: our aim is not to change client systems, but to build client-specific methodologies and implementation tools.

Deliverables include:

  • Safe Work Observations Auditing & Inspections

  • Safety Regulatory Compliance Auditing

  • Safety Hazard Risk Assessments (Construction, Engineering, Maintenance, Operations, Work Methods)

  • Safety Management, Environment & Occupational Health

  • Construction Work Procedures Development

  • Construction Work Procedures Auditing

  • Procurement Contractor Qualifications/Competence Evaluations