conduct expectations Policy

Issue Date: 01 April 2023
Revision 10



HFG Global is committed to behaving with integrity in all of its business relationships, complying with all applicable laws, and providing a healthy and safe workplace for all its workers. It is expected that the individuals and companies who conduct business with HFG Global do so according to the highest standards of conduct.

To assist Directors and workers understand the standards of conduct that HFG Global expects of them, the Directors has approved a Code of Conduct. The Code provides general guidance on standards of conduct, including guidelines on conflict of interest, as well as requirements associated with confidential information, health, safety, security and environment, and use of HFG Global property.


workers role in fulfilling this policy

Workers are responsible for understanding and complying with the company’s Code of Conduct and for knowing and complying with the laws and policies that apply to specific responsibilities. If you have questions about policies that apply to your work responsibilities or to the Code of Conduct contact your Manager.

A worker will not be in compliance with the Code of Conduct if they performed activities, assisted others in activities, knew of and did not report activities by others, or authorized others to perform activities that materially contradict the terms and philosophy of the Code. HFG Global will make every effort to ensure that all matters pertaining to Code of Conduct violations will be held confidential. Violations of the Code of Conduct, a policy, or the law, will be subject to appropriate discipline, which may include termination.